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Eugenie Stockmann

Green Fabric / Co-operation Housing
Perth, Western Australia
Eugenie is a sustainability expert and passionately pursues better quality, more affordable and sustainable development. In 2016 she founded Green Fabric, a hub that facilitates and promotes sustainable community building & living. This venture builds on the successful completion of two multi-award-winning developments by a group called The Green Swing which Eugenie co-founded.  In response to a unique opportunity to develop affordable housing for owner occupiers, she developed a governance and funding model where the co-operative structure is key.  This work is relevant in her role as CEO of Co-operation Housing, a registered community housing provider specialising in the co-operative model.  In Australia, most housing co-operatives were inspired and developed using the cohousing model.  Eugenie's qualifications include a Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainability from Murdoch University.  She is an affiliate in the Cohousing Solutions' 500 Communities Program.  Facebook