The 2019 National Cohousing Conference in Portland, Oregon was a huge success. For information about future conferences visit the CohoUS website and subscribe to the newsletter. You can view and download a souvenir PDF with photos and more info about the conference.
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Alicia DeLashmutt

Our Home, Inclusive Community Collaborative
Portland, OR
The Founding Neighbor of Our Home, Inclusive Community Collaborative, Alicia has over 16 years of community involvement as a disability inclusion and housing advocate. She is the proud mother of a fabulous and strong-willed teenage girl who experiences complex disabilities. Her daughter, Neva, has been the driving influence in Alicia’s mission to promote inclusive life opportunities to families and individuals who also experience disability. Alicia has a previous professional background in landscape and commercial interior design and is an active advocate and parent mentor who believes that the inclusion of ALL is necessary for a vibrant and healthy community.  Facebook